Part 132- So…Hi?

I have no idea what to write, so yeah. I wasn’t planning on writing in the middle of the week but, things change. The best topic for a short post is some random topic. ( I think.) Even though I don’t have anything to write about, I have a question. I know that I’m still a kid, not yet a teen or whatever, but I really want to use curse words in my stories. Hear me out first! I don’t say any bad words and aren’t planning to anytime soon, but I really want to. There are always the regular words to use instead such as “dang” or “heck”, but when writing, I don’t really feel like those words give the proper emphasis and tone I’m looking for. ( Maybe that’s because I read young adult books. I’m not sure.) Here’s an example. ( Taken from my own story.)

Replacing Word:
” Dang girl. How are you so happy all the time?” Evans asked.
Curse word:
” Damn girl. How are you so happy all the time?” Evans asked. 
Here, I can’t really feel the proper tone I’m trying to create when I’m using “dang”, but can when using d-a-a-m-n. It’s not about wanting to curse, but instead for the tone. I’m not gonna use any REALLY REALLY bad ones, but instead the ones instead of dang or heck. It’s okay if it’s not the best idea and if I shouldn’t, but I just wanted to know. I’ve tried experimenting with it once or twice, and I personally find it better, but I can always keep using the regular words and wait. 
Anyway, aside from that, I don’t know what to talk about. Oh, this is really random, but I’ve started using contacts. ( I know, I know. This is not a diary but a blog post.) 
It’s been about a week or two since I’ve started using them, and it’s pretty cool. Sometimes it’s not that efficient, taking about an hour to get them in, but it’s definitely worth it. You get a wider range of clear vision without having to move your head in every direction and really helps in preventing you from crying. They also don’t fog up when drinking soup. There are a lot of great pros from contacts, but I still prefer glasses. They are much easier to wear and take off and are sometimes pretty stylish. Plus, you don’t have to go around all day, avoiding rubbing your eyes, and feeling like there is something in your eye. Well, there is something in your eye.
( Once you wear glasses for a while, it’s really shocking to see your face without them.) Even though I’m kinda used to contacts, I still get fears of irritating my eye or even somehow getting it stuck in my eye for the rest of my life. But, over time I’ll get better and those fears will start to go away. But, I definitely recommend trying them out. 
Well, that was a pretty random blog. I really didn’t have anything to write about so I just wrote what was in my head. But, like, I wanna know. Is it okay if I use some curse words in my stories, or should I wait until I’m older? Anyway, I hope you are well, and bye~. 

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