Part 129- New novel

 H-hey! This blog may be short but I wanna know your thoughts. So if you may or may not know, I am a writer. Well, duh, I blog. But I also write novels and stories. (I’m not very good at finishing them though.) I am a huge fan of non-fiction and fantasy stories, so you can always expect some crazy imaginative idea in them, but yesterday- actually a few nights ago- I had an idea and I was like, dang brain, you’re genius! I don’t read a lot of realistic fiction, but I was reading something that gave me this idea and I really like it. 

The title is called, When Can I See You Again? and it’s a book on a girl who lives an everyday, normal life. She goes to college and has a job. She has good friends and stays out of trouble. But one day she gets into a car accident, and she loses her sight. She’s blind. Her life goes through so many changes and her world is turned upside-down by these struggles. Can she accept her new life and the way she is, or will she forever be troubled by the event? 

I originally wanted the main character to have some medical disease but I wasn’t sure how I was going to write such struggles without knowing what it actually is like. I don’t want to write something wrong or false, or even something that can offend others. I think “blindness” was a safer option. (Please note, I’m not trying to say anything harmful about blind people or people who cannot see. They are also struggling, and I just thought it would be easier to write on blindness, than on a life-threatening medical disease.) 

Anyway, I just wanted to know your thoughts on this idea and the ideas you have on how the plot could move forward. Here is a snippet of chapter one. ( This is what I have so far. There may be some grammar mistakes and things I need to take out, but this is what I have so far.) 

When Can I See You Again?


My name is Serendipity Esma Williams. I know. My first two names are savvy and unique whilst I have a bland last name. People often question how I got my name. I’m not sure. My parents say that I was an unexpected good fortune in their lives or something. I don’t care. As long as I can find a good nickname for it, it’s not a big deal. Usually, I’d ask people to call me Esma, but now I’ve been asking them to call me Ren. It’s boy-ish but who says it can’t be a girl’s name? I’m currently 19 and am living with my two close colleagues and friends: Evangeline “Evans” Bennet and Mari “Mar” Tartal. 

 I’m a stickler for nicknames as I just can’t stand addressing people close to me with a formal name. Evans and Mar don’t mind. They’ve seen enough to know this is the most normal thing about me. I’ve lived with them for about 3 years, after wanting to get away from my family to become independent. Not as independent as I expected. Evans and Mar take care of me like a baby even though I’m months older than them. I always try to act more mature and start the day off by cooking a breakfast buffet for them and helping them get ready. Yet in the end, they’re the ones sending me to bed early so I wake up for college on time. I have a normal life- with normal friends and lifestyle- and thought it would stay the same. Oh how I was wrong.

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