Part 125- Divided or United ( My house vs. Our house)

 Don’t you just loathe it when your parents say that it’s their house in an argument but then say that it’s OUR house when it’s time to clean the house or do something concerning the house? I know I do. Why do they abruptly change their minds when they’ve already said something? Why? Why is that so? 

In my opinion, houses shouldn’t be classified as MY house. Unless you’re speaking to friends or others. Yes, you pay the bills or bought it with your own money or take care of it more than others do. But does that really matter? It may give parents power in an argument but otherwise, I don’t see the point why we say MY house. Aren’t homes supposed to be for ALL of us? No matter what won’t the wooden structure that shelters and protects us always be there for ALL of us?  In an argument, parents pull out the “This is MY house card’ which is supposed to give them the advantage or even the win. Honestly, it’s a shallow trick. Parents, do you usually buy a house just for yourselves and to say that it’s yours, or as a place for your family to be safe and warm? Do you? I don’t think so. But then, there’s another card they pull out.

The “it’s OUR house” card. When there’s some family chore of cleaning the house or a family project, parents say that it’s OUR house, and we should take care of it. Didn’t you just say the other day that this was YOUR house? I don’t see why parents do that. They change what they said and act like it’s no big deal. I don’t remember having an incident like this when I was younger. ( Mainly because I didn’t realize what was happening) But now that I’m older, I’m starting to see how quickly parents change what they say. 

When I do something wrong or said something that wasn’t very kind, they make me explain what happened. You say what happens, and of course, you’ll feel guilty explaining the mistakes of your actions. But something passes through your mind. You don’t want to have a consequence, so without realizing you’ll change a few things. Parents get mad about this. In a way, it almost feels hypocritical. They say that we shouldn’t twist our words or change what we said when they do the EXACT SAME THING.  Sometimes they have a fair reason for changing their words.
Parents say that it’s our house to persuade us. They say that we should take care of our house because we live in it. And they are right. We should take care of our house. After all, it does provide us a place to live, a roof over our heads, and warmth. If we don’t take care of it, it’s almost like we aren’t grateful. Yes, saying this may be the only way to actually get kids to help around, but it’s not the best way. 

After all this, it may be a little confusing what my main point is. My main point is whether a house is united or divided. ( Figuratively, of course) When parents say that this house belongs to them, it’s like a division between the family. It almost feels as if parents are saying that they are LETTING us live in their house.  This is probably not at all true, but it does feel like it. ( It’s not what you say, how you say it) Like I said many times before, a house should be a place for the family to feel comfortable and safe. For the FAMILY. Not just the adults. Not just the ones who actually bought the house or pay bills for it. I really think parents should consider whether to continue using this expression or not. If my parents were to stop saying that it’s their house and instead say that it’s our house, I might be more motivated to help out when doing a spring cleaning or family project. It convinces me that this actually IS our house and that I should help out. But, you never know. Everyone is different. After all, I’m just sharing my perspective on things. 

I do hope that parents stop saying that this is their house. It really isn’t. It’s our house. They may have power in the house, but that doesn’t mean that it’s theirs. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and an excellent day. Bye!!11

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