Part 119- Halloween: How should we celebrate in 2020?

 Hello! I have, surprisingly, stumbled across this topic when I was just procrastinating in my mind about what more to add to my Judge Amy Coney Barrett post. It may be a strange thing, to write about a close-coming holiday, but it is an important topic. Not to sound bragging but, especially coming from a kid.

Halloween. The one holiday which lets kids get as much candy they want, all for the price of dressing up in fun costumes and eagerly saying ” Trick or Treat!” to their delighted neighbors. To be honest, I’ve started to get into the more teen phase of not liking candy that much anymore, and I opted to spend last year’s Halloween handing out candy to the kids instead. Why just go and get candy, if it ends up never eaten for over a year? Still, I can’t resist a York mint or a Kit Kat every once in a while. Halloween is a holiday a lot of kids look forward to every year. It’s always been on a weekday, as far as I remember, and it always feels like years, waiting for hours to pass by and have school finally end so you could get ready for fun. Last year or the year before, I remember that kids were wanting the day after Halloween off so they could spend the day eating candy. As far as I know, I think there even was a petition that never passed!  

No one knew that the next year was going to be complicated and even difficult to participate in the most exciting activity of Halloween. COVID-19 was a shock to everyone. Yes, it is not as bad as it once was, as we now have a possible vaccine and have it somewhat handled, but it brings a dreading thought to most kids’ minds as the October holiday came near. ” What do we do for Halloween?”

I have asked some friends of mine two questions, and their thoughts on this topic. “What do you all think about Halloween? ( In general and Trick or Treating) How do you feel about how it might be like this year?”

My first replier said that Halloween to him, is fun with his friends but Trick or Treating is eh. Exact words. 

I also asked someone from an adult perspective. Namely, my mom! She said that Halloween is a fun holiday with two factors. Stranger danger and candy wastage. She said that stores and businesses which make all the candy and Halloween decorations come up with these new things such as Halloween goody bags, and rings, and necklaces, and it makes kids want more. Don’t forget about candy. Kids collect so much candy that a lot of it goes wasted when it could instead be given to others collecting for homeless and donations. ( These were my thoughts as well.)  She also shared some of her opinions as a parent on how Trick or Treating should happen. She said, that she would prefer if kids went to houses where the people giving candy also were wearing masks, and rather than taking teh candy with their bare hands, just hold out their bags and receive the candy. After that, the kids should not eat the candy and leave it aside for two days instead, of extra precautions. She also said that goody bags are okay. It’s something enjoyed and fun. 

In my opinion, Halloween is an okay holiday for me. I always enjoy spending it with my friends, just talking and persuading each other to get candy from the houses which frighten them. ( Including me! I’m also a bit afraid of Halloween decorations in the dark) To be honest, I don’t really want to go Trick or Treating to get candy but to spend time with my friends. This year, if I do go Trick or Treating, I would want to see everyone wearing a mask, and staying of some distance from each other. Small groups should be okay, with no more than 4-5 people, excluding adults, but I think each group should stay away from each other, just in case. I would also want to see the people giving candy, wearing gloves, or at least have their hands sanitized each time they hand out candy to a new group. Also, I think that when it gets dark, each group should have some sort of light. Maybe a glowstick necklace or bracelet of some sort, so that they don’t accidentally bump into another group. 

Anyway, that was my general thought of Halloween. I hope that Halloween will be like this year- masks and glowsticks- and I hope you all have a great day! Bye!

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