Part 118- Judge Amy Coney Barrett

 Hello. Today’s post is going to be on, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Why Judge Coney Barrett? Well, if you remember from one of my – not so recent- recent posts on Justice Ginsburg, you’ll know that Justice Ginsburg was, well, Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Anyway, to fill up that position President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett on September 26th, 2020, and recently, has been going through the confirmation process. The process lasts 4 days and has ended, just a couple days ago. The vote of whether to appoint her Justice of the Supreme Court will come soon- October 22nd- and it is an important topic to think about because, some of the decisions our country will make, will be in her hands, and what we do and what our vote is, will affect that.

Judge Coney Barrett is an American Attorney and serves as a circuit judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. The Court of Appeals is the U.S. federal court with, “appellate jurisdiction” over the courts of the districts of :

Central District of Illinois
Northern District of Illinois
Southern District of Illinois
Northern District of Indiana
Southern District of Indiana
Eastern District of Wisconsin
Western District of Wisconsin

Before she served on the federal bench, she was a professor of law at Notre Dame Law school. Judge Coney Barrett clerked for Judge Laurence Silberman, as a judicial law clerk, after law school. She was added to President Trump’s list of POTENTIAL Supreme Court Nominees, 11 months after her confirmation to the Seventh Circuit.

Some of her achievements are from when she was a law student. She has received the Hoynes Prize, for achieving the best record in scholarship, deportment, and achievement when she was at Notre Dame. She also received the John M. Olin Fellowship for aspiring academics. At Rhodes College, she graduated with multiple highly respected honors, “including induction to Phi Betta Kappa.” These were only a few of her achievements, and some more are listed in the link below.


Judge Coney Barret has seven children, two of whom are adopted from Haiti. One was adopted in 2005, and the other was adopted after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Their youngest biological son has Down Syndrome. Judge Coney Barrett has voted in BOTH Democratic AND Republican primaries.

Let’s move onto her confirmation hearing because, in my opinion, to find out what her own views and beliefs in certain political topics are, would be to look at the video and the questions and answers from the hearings. 

So, I actually cannot find out, which party or type of views Judge Coney Barrett has. I can only find that her nomination is mostly/ generally supported by Republicans. I want to say that she may be a conservative judge- but I don’t want to assume that, so I’m just going to state that I am not sure about her views and which party she is “from/agrees with most”. 

She has never, directly ruled with abortion but has voted to rehear a successful challenge to Indiana’s parental notification law in 2016. Reading this article about how she may deal with abortion-related cases, might give us a better idea of her view on this topic. ( For lack of time/ length of this post, I’m only going to talk about the first thing learned, not all four)  So, for the first thing learned, it says, ” …Barrett acknowledged she signed two anti-abortion rights advertisements that call for the reversal of Roe v. Wade… Barret and her husband’s signatures appeared on a page that said, ‘ We…oppose abortion on demand and defend the right to life from fertilization to natural death…'” I think, this clearly tells us her view on abortion. In my opinion, I think I may agree. I know that it is the person’s choice on this and whether they want to continue to raise the child or abort it but, this is someone’s life. A new life has been created and started to thrive. It doesn’t feel right to let go of life and not let it live. At least, let it live, and then choose whether you want to raise it as your own, or not. But then again,  if one does not want to raise the child as their own or even wants the child, then why do they have to take care of it? It’s like, all that work or taking care of the child even though you don’t want it, is not the right use of time.  

She does, want Coronavirus measure to be put in place and remained as they are, as she joined an upholding of the district court’s denial of the Illinois Republican party’s request for a ” preliminary injunction to block Governor J.B. Pritzker’s COVID-19 orders” in September. I think this also may because, in the 2020 summer, she was tested positive for COVID- and successfully recovered- and doesn’t want more to also experience the disease. Knowing how it feels and the risk and danger of what could happen might have changed how she might have thought about this topic before she tested positive. ( IF she did have a different opinion than now on COVID measures.) 

Here is a link to see some more of her opinions.

I do want to mention this as well. During her confirmation trials, all the senators were asking her questions and they had these binders filled with stacks of papers and had notes and papers all over their desks to ask the questions. She was asked by Senator Cornyn about what she was reading off of, and she held up her notepad/notebook and he asked her what was written on it. She said it had the United States Senate. It was the only thing written. It was just a blank notepad. She didn’t write anything down or used any notes to answer the questions. She answered them as they came by herself. I have to say, it is EXTREMELY remarkable and impressive that she didn’t need anything will do that. No electronic notes or written notes or anything written. She just answered like that.  Very impressive. She is certainly very intelligent and knows her stuff. She doesn’t need any notes to answer for her or to “principle” her. Here is an article I pulled, about the event. It’s actually really funny that she just holds it up for everyone to see, and it only says United States Senate. 

 I think that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a remarkable woman and has some very interesting views and opinions, based on what party I think she may be from- conservative views. Oh, quickly, I want to tell you that, my parents found this AMAZING book from a garage sale the other day. It is a 100-year-old student manual on the Government of the United States, with a perspective from 100 years ago. It is like a textbook, with questions and answers, an index, and even a constitution in the book. Plus, it was only for 50 cents! Best deal ever. I am really excited to read it, and am really glad my parents found it! Anyway, bye! 

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