Part 109- Mysterious poem

 Hi, so this blog was actually planned out yesterday, when, for an assignment/ passage we read in class was happening. So, in class, ELA, we are reading a story-a a short story- and during one of the assignments, I came up with a poem for it. And, I’m going, to be honest, I absolutely dislike poetry. In any way, I find poetry to be the most boring part of ELA, along with summaries. Anyway, the assignment took like an hour, and the third step was to make a poem of twenty IMPORTANT words we found, and after using ten of those twenty words to explain their importance to the story. I know it sounds confusing, but really, it’s not. It just takes a ridiculous amount of time to do, and a little stressful. Anyway, we were supposed to write a poem, and it couldn’t be in a summary or format that explains the story. It had to be unique. Well, it was hard to come up with something at first, but, with the amount of practice I have in writing stories and posts, I succeeded, and came up with an amazing poem, in my opinion, that I am really proud of. I’ll upload a picture of how it really looks like in the end. I sort of made the poem in a mysterious, spooky vibe. I guess when I heard unique, I must have thought mysterious. Anyway, I really liked how my poem turned out, and I hope you have an interest in it and like it too. The story is called, Dark They Were and Golden Eyed, in case you want to check it out after reading the poem. 

Typed on post version:

An Atom Bomb, a war and change
Mars, a new life and none of the same,
7 Bitterings and Earthmen, away from beloved Earth home
Hoping to lead a peaceful life, I suppose

One whose mind is warped by fear.
Feeling stranded and helpless by news of despair
Believed he was not Martian,
We’re not them,
Oh yes you are,
Just slower than you suspect

Metal becomes a rocket,
Like brown eyes become golden,
And how skin became dark and burnt,
They were different than they once were

Unlike Cora and his kids, Harry was afraid,
The way they were changing and weren’t the same
Turning into one on Mars
Dark skinned and Golden Eyed they became

Actual version:

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