Part 106- Update

 Hi! I know this is a late blog, and I’m sorry about that. My real blog was actually about the RNC, and Melania Trump’s speech. You’ll hopefully see the actual post tomorrow. I didn’t get enough time to write it all out or even get to teh actual topic, so I have to write it tomorrow instead. Anyway, this is an updated blog. My plants are fine. Right now, it’s raining outside, so I can’t post a picture, but, I can give a description of what is happening. y cucumber has another little friend that is growing, and one, has started growing quite well. All teh bitter gourds have died out, so no more veggies form that. My pineapple has grown many more new leaves and is doing extraordinarily well. My tomato has a little flower, but no sign of growth in height. My melon seems to be growing, but no fruit. It is still very young. My okra is doing quite well. More flowers are coming in, and quite a lot of Okra is also growing. My new apple tree is also adjusting to its environment and is doing well. School is good. I’m doing all of my assignments. It’s just that in between I don’t get time for certain things, that makes me late for writing my post or finishing my hw. I did submit Marathi HW so that’s done, I’m not late on that, but next week, I’m going have to submit it earlier. Anyway, this was a quick update blog. See you in teh next, much better and informative post. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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