Part 105- Republican National Convention (2)

 Hello and welcome back to another post on the 2020 election. Today is the third day of the national convention, though not Night 3 yet, which means, that no new speeches for today have begun or happened yet. I said yesterday, that I was waiting for the first lady, Melania Trump’s speech because that was one of the few speeches I wanted to talk about, but, I couldn’t and would have to do today. Anyway, after reading the newspaper, it says that her speech was really good and was indeed a highlight, so, I wanted to check that out. Let’s get started.

What I want to point out first, is how she delivered this speech. It’s so, persuasive and it’s like telling a story. She makes us feel like we’re the ones in this election. It’s not about them or the candidate or anything about politics. She cares about who we are and what has happened. Now, it doesn’t even feel like she’s talking about politics. About supporting her husband. It feels like she’s just expressing gratitude. Gratitude for those who have helped us during the pandemic, and what it means for them doing this. It’s an amazing speech. I understand how this is such a highlighted part of the night. She also talks about Women’s history and voices. And as well as voting. She incorporates women being able to vote with her voting for her husband. She also talks about what has happened when she was the first lady. Mostly, I think her speech and what she has been working towards is women’s rights. Of course, a lot of First ladies have done so as well, but I’m talking about her for now. I understand that she isn’t first to work in areas like this. But, I think, her speech focuses on that. She talks about the duties she’s done as first lady and all the things she was able to do. 

In the whole Republican National Convention- President Trump’s campaign- they all focus on the most major thing needed right now. They focus on the present rather than in the future. And at this time, it’s a good thing. We need a cure, more than ever. Yes death rates have gone down and cases have started to reduce a little, but who knows when a second wave or it will come back worse than ever? They focus on this topic more than ever, and it’s more of that, that they are dedicating the campaign to. And I’m assuming, that a lot more people will start to head the direction upon hearing this. This may be what they are looking for in a candidate and their plan. What they have in mind for the virus. They also talk about women’s history. Women’s voices.

Here is her full speech, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did. I am not siding with any candidate- remember that- but expressing what I think every time I do these. Anyway, farewell until next time!

Melania Trump Wows With Lackluster Speech on Second Night of Republican  National Convention –

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