Part 104- Republican National Convention (1)

 Hi! Today’s topic is on the Republican National Convention. Now, this blog may be a bit rushed in the start, and that’s because I’m trying to do two things at once. I hope that in the end, it turns out as a proper blog and not a half-written essay that’s late for submission. (That’s not what’s happening, by the way, just put as an example) Anyway, let’s get started.

So, as mentioned yesterday, the Republican National Convention starts today. There are 4 nights like the Democratic National Convention, and today is the second night- Land of Promise- which is the theme. So, today, many many people are speaking, but the ones that I can actually remember, are President Trump’s family. Which is, his wife and first lady, and his 4 children. The speech by First Lady Melania Trump is a highlighted part of tonight. Sadly, it is not available yet because I think it still hasn’t happened. Tomorrow I will talk more about that speech. I do, however, have a speech from Donald Trump Jr., which I will talk about instead.

So, immediately into the speech, he talks about the current situation. I think that’s really important at this time. At this time, when most people are suffering and working hard to fight a pandemic and virus that is still going on, President Trump plans to continue working on solving the virus and curing it. I think that’s a major key point everyone is looking for at this time. I haven’t heard Mr. Biden’s plan that much in the speeches, or in the start at least, but for now, I’m going to say that it wasn’t in there. And then after that, begins the hard attack onto Democrats and Joe Biden. But, we’re not gonna talk about that. 

Anyway, after that, he explains and talks about how his father has a goal in his mind and his characteristics. ( Not exact words.) This includes some of the amazing things he’s done in the last 4 years. I have to say, you don’t think about it when talking about the candidates, and saying all their accomplishments as a whole.  But, when you think about it as an individual feat and think about who much it means, you are actually amazed. Amazed about how much they have done. With the amount of power or position they are in, and what they are able and not able to do, they have done amazing things that have or believe to help us. 

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