Part 102- Democratic National Convention (1)

 Hello, and welcome back to another Democratic National Convention post! Today we are going to go further into the topic and the speeches. today, I really want to highlight a lot of the key points of each speech and talk more about them. So, let’s get into it!

So, because of how much time I have and how much I want to write, I’m going to only talk about two speeches in this post. Kamala Harris’s speech, and former president, Barack Obama’s speech. I’ve been told, and it has also been said, that Mr. Obama’s speech was one of the amazing ones and that it was really good. I also have two videos, which are the full speeches of Ms. Harris and Mr. Obama. So I’m really excited to watch those. Mr. Obama’s speech, Ms. Harris’s speech

Starting with Mr. Obama’s speech. I can clearly see, why it is said to be one of teh best speeches. With every word said, it feels like he’s saying this truly. He explains a lot. He starts with the Constitution, and how it was to guide generations in the future, and grows slowly into today. He does talk about Presidnet Trump, but we’re only going to talk about main highlights. Mr. Obama talks about how Mr. Biden is a good candidate and more from his experience of working with him. He talks about how, at this time during the pandemic, Mr. Biden has solved problems like these before. Especially about democracy. He talks about what Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris believe as democracy, and what they care for. ( Every American) It’s such an amazing speech. I love it. It’s so inspiring and reflecting. It makes you think about how much has changed or will change in generations and wonder what it would have been like in the further past, and further future. Think about how you would want to use the light made from the constitution. How you would want to see this. 

Barack Obama speaks at the 2020 Democratic National Convention - The  Cincinnati Herald

Moving onto Kamals Harris’s speech. First things first into the speech. She simply quotes the pledge of allegiance and then talks about the 100th anniversary for the 19th amendment. Then, you know she’s talking about women. To express herself and vision. She talks about how they have passed on a torch for us. And tells us a few famous women who did so. Including, her own mother- who she states, isn’t known in history. ( Not exact words) She explains her life and how her parents met, to show more into her vision. Oh, I just got to this part, and, it is very sad. Her mother had come from India at 19 to cure cancer, and had sadly, passed away from cancer. It is very sad. Though, to know she came millions of miles to a new place, at a young age, to solve something that has been trying to solve for a long time, is impressive and inspiring. She then goes full into what she has done. What her mother has pushed her to become and what she has doen after becoming that. Then, BAM, she says that she accepts the nomination of vice presidnet of the United States of America. I know she already accepted, but this was teh official acceptance. I love it. She’s so open and determined. She speaks with experience, and with a point of view that relates to many in the crowd, and at the same time as those on the stage. Amazing. She is so persuasive and speaks her mind openly. 

Anyway, I’m really disappointed with cutting this post short, but I have to set up my TX history notebook before Monday, and don’t want to do it on teh weekend, and I also have Marathi SHala later in 42 minutes. BYE!

Keynote Speech: Kamala Harris at the 2020 Democratic National Convention |  The Milwaukee Independent

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