Part 101- Kamala Harris and Strange School

 Hello!!!!!!!! I am back from my break, with another post! Today is also the very first day of 7th grade for me, and so far, the online school has been an absolute mess. But, we’ll get back to that later. The first topic for today is Ms. Kamala Harris. It’s actually about the Democratic National Convention that ended yesterday, but, more on Kamala Harris as well.  So, yesterday was the final day of the Democratic National Convention. Its official theme was, “Uniting America.” The convention was 4 days- or apparently 4 nights, and each night there was a speech. Night 1- ” We the People” had speeches by Bernie Sanders and former first lady Michelle Obama. Night 2- “Leadership Matters” which is actually, “highlighted by the formal roll call of states, had a speech from Jill Biden. Night 3- ” A more perfect Union” features Kamala Harris’ acceptance speech, and finally Night 4- “America’s Promise” which features Joe Bidens’ acceptance speech. Kamala Harris’s acceptance is a very very big deal. A lot of people like me should feel proud. She is an amazing role model, and Mr. Biden wins, she will be the first female VP. Plus, she is thinking about running for president later. Amazing. 

Anyway, I’m going this post short for today. I’ll write more into the convention tomorrow. Right now, I want to talk a little about how different school is. Today is my first day, and you may wonder why I’m not in class. Well, I am. I’m just in an independent study time until my next period. Due to the pandemic, we have new schedules. The school starts at 10:00 and is only 5 hours long. We also have our classes split. One day is A-Day and the next is B-Day, and then back to A-Day. A-day consists of odd numbers- 4 periods- while B-Day has even. I started today nervously by making mini pancakes and having turkey sausage and turkey bacon, because, we can only eat non-veg today. I then logged in at 10:00 to science and was disconnected by lagging from so many students in the meeting and because my wifi stopped working. Thankfully, I didn’t miss a lot and finished my simple task for the class. The bad part is that moodle crashed and we couldn’t access any links or sign into the moodle pages. So, emails were sent about moodle crashing and teachers send links. Then, I texted my friends who were also having the same problems as me and were in the same classes as me during the work period and did not get a link for 3rd period. Now I wait after lunch and that independent study for my 5th-period link. Now, I check my schedule online and see that I have a changed schedule. Now, I don’t know whether I actually have math at 8th period, when ELA is, whether I have a 5th period or not, and why Texas History moved down! I’m so confused right now! I don’t even understand what half of my schedule means or even what periods are when or even which! Anyway, I’m stressed out right now, I’ll talk more about the convention tomorrow and somehow figure out my school schedule and classes. Bye. 

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