Part 100- Congrats for the journey

 HI!! As you know, this is the 100th blog. The 100th blog of the Coronavirus series. So, today, we are going to do something very special. To celebrate the 100th blog, we are going to do a review on the past blogs and how much they have all changed as they’ve gotten more and more into the “series”. 

At the start of this series, I was more annoyed with writing to be honest. I had stopped writing posts for a while before that and I didn’t like to post that much. But, as the news of staying home longer for safety reasons began to come out, I was tasked to write a series on Coronavirus, and that’s how my first post came to be, “Life of 11-year-old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 1.” I hadn’t written for a while, as I said before, so I had no idea how to start writing. When I finished, the post made me sound older than I was. I started off in a  way that I thought sounded informative, but to me, it now sounds like I’m trying to impress someone and show them who I am pretending to be, not who I really was. I didn’t really know what else to write so I just wrote as if this was a diary entry. Plus, I just wanted to write something so I could say I wrote something. The next post was slightly better. I actually did forget math when I checked the numbers for cases, as I was in shock about how many recoveries there were. It was still the same, like a diary entry. I did include some facts about World Cultures though. I was gone from school only for a few weeks, so all the lessons were still in my memory. The third was better. I started writing like regular me and just talked. Talked about whatever came to my mind at that time. Another diary entry. March 30,2020 was my first day of online school. I remember how stressful it was, the day before to make sure I had all the lesson pages open and ready to click on, in case I needed to. The day after that, I wrote my first actual, opinionated blog. I can’t help but grin at how much I forgot in that post. I forgot to link the website from which I used, and I never really explained why I agreed with Mr. President. My 13th post was ok, as I talked about how come Asian countries were doing well with the virus, yet once again, very little opinions. 

After the 19th post, I started to write more about the economy and actual real-life issues in the world other than the virus. I was still getting used to writing every day and on these topics, so I only wrote facts and explaining what happened. But, in the 22nd post, I wrote,” I think…” That’s a start. It’s a start to more opinion based posts. The 31st blog started to open a new path of writing about other things, and be specific. Meaning, I wrote about cooking, and this time I actually gave a recipe. So, around the 30th post, I started to get into details and actual information for these small things. The 36th part, was actually, really good. I wrote about Animal enslavement and gave a lot of references, and wrote a small, yet still a paragraph, paragraph on my opinion. Near my 40th posts, I started posting more pictures. About my freshly planted garden and charts about the economy and more. Now, in Part 44, I gave a link for my sources and websites and numbers and facts and actually started to sound like I was sharing information. It wasn’t a diary entry or a bland report or anything, it was a good attempt on an actual informative blog on my opinion and on the economy. 

The ’50s is where it turned. Halfway into the series is when my blog started to really improve. Part 51, about a poor female elephant who was given a pineapple with firecrackers and died, Part 52 about a protest for Black Lives Matter that happened in my neighborhood, and so on. In Part 54, I wrote my first book review. I had done one on the Stuart Gibbs series, but this was on ONE book. The Alchemyst. I had a lot to write about because I didn’t really like the book, but nevertheless, it was a good post. Filled with real thoughts and feelings. Before, my thoughts were written in the idea of being polite. To try and be polite to everyone, but then, I started to loosen up and write whatever I thought about. MY thoughts and MY opinions. The 58th post was the same. My own music opinions. It didn’t matter to me if a bunch of people would be screaming that Ariana Grande is the best singer or that Kidz bop is bad because these were my thoughts and this was my blog. I write what I want and I wanted to write about why I liked Kidz bop and had only like 3 songs in the past. Part 61 was the same. Another list of favorites. This time, with books. I am a huge book nerd and I love all mystery and science and historical fiction and fiction novels. And fantasy and science fiction and so much more. Saying this means, that I had a hard time choosing what to put on the list. A lot are obvious no othe thought favorites and the others are, hmmmmm what have I forgotten and do I really favorite this? Still, I had a lot of thoughts and wrote more of myself into that post. 

As I progressed into the 70 parts, I wrote more book reviews on the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series and started writing more about what I thought. A lot of not likes and likes at the same time. I also started to do more frequent updates on my plants and started including tips. In Part 77, I talked about an article in the newspaper and wrote about how sorry I felt and still do, for that woman who lost her mother and sister to the pandemic. I really did mean what I wrote in that post, and still do. I feel really sorry for what happened to her. Now, the 80 parts and 70 parts end is interesting. I started to get into legally and ethically and ICE. If you haven’t read those, I recommend you do. It was like a 3 part blog, where I started a topic in one and wrote more relating to it in other posts. I had a reference in the legally vs ethically post to the ICE post, and I can say that is a huge change. I don’t think I ever did that before, referencing my posts from before. It really helps, to reference it, so that I know where it was and so that you can as well and find it easily if you need to reference it as well. Part 79 is my best post. No other post was as great as that one. I actually truly wrote about how I felt about my position as a girl and how I felt about that. How I thought about how the past was like and how others sometimes did and still might see me now. It was truly full of actual thoughts. 

Part 87 marked the start of the 2020 Election log. I wrote about something that is big in the U.S. and of importance. Part 92- Election, was my first thought and comparison of each candidate. Of President Trump and Mr. Biden. About how they each thought about certain matters and topics, and then I gave my own, real opinion about the topic or on what they thought. Of course, I am a kid, so I addressed them both with respect. That has never changed. I have never changed how I addressed any person I write about. Whether it was about President Trump or about Mr. George Floyd, I never informally or disrespectfully addressed them. Prat 94 and 95 were about Global Warming. I actually learned a lot while writing those posts. I never knew anything about what greenhouse gases were or what global warming really was, despite hearing it many times. A lot of learning was spent when making those posts. And now, Part 99. The time I wrote that post, I knew what I was going to write. Before, when writing posts like that or about anything that includes being informative, I had to be ready and think about what I would write. Now, I just have a plan and a basic idea about what I will be writing about in my mind. Then, I just start writing and then post it. That has changed the most. Being able to write immediately. Planning the structure in my mind quickly and know what I want to write and what I think. 

My writing has changed a lot in this time. These small things really come out once you start to read the posts that are more recent. From a diary entry to bland opinions to few sourcing to more news and facts to opinions, and then proper thoughts and more topics, until we reach now, which is opening up and actually sharing my mind. To actually share what I’m thinking and everything I’m thinking. My ideas and feelings and opinions without thinking too much about what others would think. I’m really proud of myself. I’ve changed in writing so much over this time and have written 100 parts in a log. My first log, as well. I hope that in the future, when I progress even further, my blogs will be much better and I will have more people listen to me and read about what I think. Anyway, I may not write again, as I am taking a break, this week and not until the middle of next week, but, plans may change, so, one can only wait. I hope that you have also seen the writing change over the many months and days and posts like I have. I still have a lot more to progress, but, for now, I’m proud of how much difference there is from Part 1 of the series to Part 100. Without further ado, I type bye to you all. BYE!

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