About me

About me then ... 

I realize that in all my 6-7 years of blogging, I have never made a post about myself. It's always about something else but never really about me. Yes, I do talk about myself or some of my interests every once in a while, but never about who I am. Who am I? 

I am a 15-year-old blogger who has been blogging since the year 2015. I have started to take an interest in politics and for a long time, have considered taking a future in law. I am Indian-American and have been speaking Marathi since I was little becoming partially fluent in speaking, writing, reading, and understanding the language. I am a huge and loyal fan of books, and my favorite genres are mysteries and fantasy fiction. My favorite series is the Red Queen series. My taste in music has often changed, but at the moment, I have an interest in several artists such as BTS, Seventeen, TXT, The Rose, Halsey, and Taylor Swift. 

I have always been a writer, whether it is when I write posts on everyday events, or when I write stories with adventure in make-belief lands. I am a history enthusiast- sometimes- and love learning new things. I’m currently learning Japanese, Korean, and Latin on Duolingo. I am a violinist and have been playing violin since I was around 6 years old, though I have to admit, I'm average at playing. I love traveling and love to explore new places around the world to experience the different lifestyles and environments people  live and come from. I also am a biomed enthusiast who is easily fascinated by human body systems and organs.

So, that was a brief summary of who I am. These will all change in the future, but at the moment, this is who I really am. I hope we have some things in common!