My vacation

Over last wek and the week after that I had a vacation. My favorite vacations was when we went to the American girl doll store. I had my American girl ( Julie) with me and I was pretty excited when I went inside. Inside there were lots of dolls and kids holding their dolls with them. I saw lots of dolls that look like mine because they were the same dolls. There was a hair salon for your dolls upstairs and a place to eat with them. Another vacation was living in a hotel. We stayed in the hotel for two days. We had lots of fun because we had a happy new year party there. These are my favorite vacation things I did. Some other vacation things I did was watch videos,and I know your thinking that watching videos is not vacation but it is sometimes to me. On christmas it was my parents aniversary. We at out for dinner and watched a movie called Bajirao Mustani and there is a Blog for that. Now my vacation is over and I feel sad.   

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