My vacation in San Antonio

My road trip to San Antonio was not fun. But my vacation was awesome. When we got in our hotel, Holiday Inn, we unpacked and went down on the River Walk. We have a lot of fun on River Walk. We explored all over the river walk until it was night time. We chose a mexican restaurant to eat dinner. The name of the restaurant was Rita’s. Once we got our seats, we ordered good mexican dinner and it was delicious. I ordered a crispy taco with chicken and beans on side with cheese and lettuce. My parents odered a good mexican dinner that they like. When we were all done we walked down the sidewalk next to the glittering river to our hotel. We had a long day. 

The next day we got dressed. and went to seaworld. When we went there I felt excited to get in and explore. Once we got our tickets checked in we got going. We first went on a ride called, Journey to Atlantas. I felt really scared because it goes in hills. In the last part of the ride it goes all the way down to the bottom, it was scary because we sat in the front and we went all the way down, and I felt like I was going to be sick. After that we went to Shamu’s theater. Shamu is a very famous killer whale. We saw a video of how they take care of animals untill the killer whales came into the little pool and did the special tricks they know how to do.Next we went to a awesome ride called rio loco. We sat in a boat and got squirted with water. The last part was a waterfall. The waterfall fell on me and my dad. We got completly soaked, even our socks. Then we went to sea lion high. It was a stadium of sea lions and their owners and a guy that didn’t have a pet. This was the funniest act I had ver seen. Lter we wnt to a sea lion feeding. We fed the hungry sea lions fish and squid. After that we went to a stadium called AZUL. In the stadium there were acrobats, beluga whales, dolphins, and people that tell the animals wich trick to do. Later we went to play one last game. In the game you had to throw balls into a red, yellow, or either a blue gup. You play the game untill you win. I won by throwing a ball into a blue cup. 

That got me a small pink owl that I named Hedwig. Finally we went home after the long day. 

The next morning we got up dressed and drove to, The Alamo. The alamo is where Mexico fought Texas. 200 men fought in that war and died just for Texas to be an indepentant republic.After a while we went to eat lunch and bought chocolates and a snowcone. Later we went back to our hotel. But when we got in the hotel there was a parade going on. The paraade was to celebrate St. Patricks Day, even if it wasn,t the day to celebrate. After a while we went back in the hotel. After a few minutes in the room we went to a market square. We had lots of fun there,especially when we got to look in stors and see all the stuff they have. We bought party snappers. They snape everytime you throw them at a solid ground. Finally we went back to our hotel, but stopped and bought 2 fried ice creams. The next day we were driving home but stopped on the way to buy a lunch from Arby’s. When we were done we drove the Nautural Bridge WildlifeRanch and fed animals food. We also went to the petting zoo they had. When we were done we drove back home. I felt happy to be back home. I still miss the amazingadventures we had in San Antonio.

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