My summer achievements

This summer I had achieved many things. I have so many things to say that, it can’t be written down in 5 paragraphs.  

First of all, I have achieved the goal of finishing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Second, I got to see Universal Studios and also see Harry Potter world. Third, I was the best big sister to my cousin our trip. Fourth, I helped my mom in her store each week. Fifth, I got 2 lines of India’s national song correct. [ That doesn’t seem like a big achievement but, it was for me.] Sixth, I finished the entire Percy Jackson series. [ I’m almost done with the books, just need to finish 2 more.]  Seventh, I finished making a lego model of my entire house. From the kitchen to guest bedroom. Lastly eighth, I was able to be in contact with my best friend all summer. Stella.  These are all my achievements this summer. 

Here are the things I never got to do. Have a sleepover with Stella, buy a Ravenclaw robe from Harry Potter world, and finally, spend a lot of time with my family. I never got to spend a lot of time with my family this summer mainly because, they had work to do and were busy every second. I really want to go back to school soon because, I miss all my friends and being taught by a teacher who, gives fun activities to try each day. Other kids would want a longer summer, but I don’t. I want to have more time in school each year. This is the end of my blog for right now. I had a lot of achievements this summer and, will make many more this year. I really hope my studies are as good as last year’s when school starts. Thanks for reading!!!

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