My season one and season 3 shopkins

These are my new shopkins. The first shopkin is a cupcake that has frosting that comes out of the cupcake. The cupcakes name is flutter cake and you can’t see that she is wearing  lipstick that is a little bit pink in a diffrent shade that is  darker than the cupcake wrapper that is a light pink. 

She has like a butter cream frosting on her head. The next one is a diary that is a book that you keep all your secrets. The color that she is wearing is a metalic pink that is like a shiny pink and if you can see in the picture that she has like a little s on the front of her. Her name is Sally secret and you can see that she has a little lock that is yellow in color that is in a shape of a heart.  You can see on top of her that there is a cookie that has a bite taken out of her. The cookie is a pink color cookie that has yellow chips insted of brown chips. She is wearing blue shoes that has pink on the bottom that has sparkles and the cookie has sparkles on herself too. The very last shopkin is a popsicle and her name is Popsi cool. She is from the frozen section and you can see that she is see through. She is up side down becuase the popsials are supossed to be the stick down and the popsicle up. She also has her little teeth sticking out maybe you can’t see her teeth sticking out. Those are all my new shopkins that I have. Good Bye!        

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