My S.T.A.A.R.

Scince today is May 5th, today was Cinco De Myo. We had a pretty short day today because of our ST.A.A.R. test next week. What is S.T.A.A.R.? S.T.A.A.R. is a type of test that tests your knowledge about a grade level. We had our benchmark, a before S.T.A.A.R.  test, in March. The test time is 4 hours long. We are going to have our math one first then our reading. Before we ever have our test, our teachers review strategies that we were taught to help us on the test. I am really nervous/scared because this is something REALLY big and it means A LOT to me. Besides the test review, we had our going for gold raffle. Going for gold is a small reading olympics that helps us prepare for the test. Today before the raffle, my language arts teacger Mrs. Bell called the top 5 readers on EPIC. What is EPIC? EPIC is a website that you can log onto and be free to read as many books as you want. I have a home and school acount so I can read more books and have a bigger advantage than the other kids. My friend named Sofia won first with 39 hours read, second was my friend Loseli with 19, third was my friend Ruby with 16, fourth was my friend Colbie with 13 and I had 9 in 5th. If they were counting home and school acount,then I would have been in second,with 22 because I had 13 at home, and 9 at school. We all got to choose a free prize and we all chose sunglasses and, a picture taken with them. I also won a prize in the raffle and I got another pair of sunglasses for my cousin who was coming to Texas soon. That was my awesome day!!!!!!!😁😁😇 I am really nervous for the test but, I can do it!😅😓😓😅😊😀😊😀

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