My parents, the story

I hate my parents and love them too. I really do not know why I do but, I just do! I am going to give five reasons why I hate and love my parents. 

Why I hate my parents:

  1. They take everything too seriously which annoys me
  2.  They always fuss and want everything to be too perfect
  3. They almost never get proud for something I did myself
  4. They want me to be perfect and stress me out even though I am trying
  5. They always do something wrong in a way that I don’t feel comfortable doing making me frustrated
These are all the five reasons for why I hate my parents.
Here are five reasons of why I love my parents
  1. They are kind
  2. They help me be strong
  3. They love me
  4. They take care of me each day
  5. They make sure I am okay each day
Even though I have more caring thoughts about my parents, I actually don’t like them in the inside. They are sweet and kind to me each and every day that I truly love them. Though sometimes, I hate my parents. The five reasons that I gave you should have one which is the problem. Even if I hate my parents a lot or love them, they will always be my parents.😭😣

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