My Owl Poems

Owls, Owls predetors of the night 

I hope they don’t catch me what a fright. 

Hunting, Hunting always at night 
they can turn their heads for a really sharp sight.
Look, Look up in the sky 
didn’t you see that owl fly by?
Owls, Owls birds I have never met 
I wish I could keep on as a pet. 

Listen, Listen I heard a hoot
I think an owl made it not a boot.

Owls, Owls sleep at day 
they can be found in trees and not in bay. 

Hoo, Hoo an owl definitely made that 
it must have worn a lucky hat.

Music, Music in the air 
it sounds beutiful but the hoots sound like a musical fair. 

Listen, Listen I hear a noise 
it sounds like a hoot from an owl  
not a bear’s growl. 

This is my poem. I hope you enjoy it.

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