My instrument

I made an instrument. It is called a glass harp. It is a percussion instrument. First you need to take a glass cup. Then you need a chopstick and water. Next pour the water in the glass. Finally you bang on the glass to get a sound. I started out with designs. Then I got some ideas. Next I survayed the house and looked for things that you pour into and things you bang with. Later I stumbbled on the idea of a glass harp. Finally I learned about a glass harp and began using a chopstick to bang on a glass cup and  then my dad showed me a video of a glass harp. The way you change the pitch is if you pour less or more water in it or hitting it in the sides and the top.  

My teacher told me to do a science project. The project was about making a instrument out of things that are in your house. We had to be creative. The instrument had to be able change volume and pitch. Its supposed to be a music instrument and not anything silly. First I made some designs, the designs had materials and pictures. Then I got ideas of what it can be. Next I survayed the house for things you can use in a percussion instrument. Later I tested things how it sounds like for volume and pitch. I also found out how it changes the pitch and volume based on the shape, whats in it and materials. Finally I found out a glass full of water has vibrations. My daddy showed me a video of a glass harp. 

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