My flight

I was supposed to go to India to see my family but our flight got cancelled and we had to take a different plane.We were supposed to be flying 3 planes but the plane that we were going to take first before it was cancelled it got cancelled.On our next flight the same thing happened but in a different way. We had gotten in the plane then it got cancelled. Then we had to get air train and then a shuttle and here I am in the hotel that the shuttle dropped us of to.We were all stuck at the airport before I got in.All of the kids were tired and some of the kids were sleepy and like me they were crying.I just wanted to see my family and that’s all I wanted to do just see my family.I wished for a nice flight with no canceling my flight to Mumbia. I miss my dad and my family and they are missing me to. I just want to go back home and see my whole family when I go to Mumbia and see my dad from 5 weeks and go to Texas and see my dad.

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