My Family Members

My family is the best thing in my heart and do you know why? Because they live almost all over the world. Some of them live in China and India,Dallas,Australia,I just can’t see my family every day. But now I can see them again because I call them and I FaceTime them. We all took like a family member picture when I was just about 6 years old and when my little brother was just about 1 years old. We went to the beach last time I saw my family. We all had a good time. I miss my friends and I  have just moved to Texas and I’m staying there forever. The fact that I love about family is that some of them don’t snore so loud like how my dad does which is really annoying because I can’t even get some sleep! But I like it that he has warm hugs and kisses and fun jokes. My dad is just the right dad that I could have. I just want to go back to my dad and tell him that he is the best thing ever and the only thing that makes me feel happy and be a good girl. But my dad is the best dad in the world and the funniest person to.

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