My beach trip

I went to a beach for vacation with my family. We started to pack up Wensday morning and we went to the beach. I was watching a movie with my big brother and my little brother kartik. The movie was big hero 6 and it is my favorite movie. Even inside out is my favorite movie. Inside out is a movie with a girl named Riley and it is a movie that talks about her emotions in her head. And these are your emotions in your head Joy Discust Anger Sadness and Fear. The trip was a long trip but it doesn’t matter if you watch a movie it doesn’t look like it was a long trip if I watched a movie and that’s what I did. When we got there we unpacked and the kids like me and Kartik got to watch tv because we didn’t get to watch when we left the house. We went to the beach to go swimming the next day and I made a little river in the sand. Kartik could not go in the water because He was sick. He just played in the sand. I found three coconuts there. I found 2 big coconuts and a small one. When we got home from the beach we got to watch big hero 6. It is mine and my brother Kartiks favorite movie ever and we just want to see it over and over again and again for days and we are not going to stop watching the movie and it is a great movie.  There is a robot that is called big max and it is not a robot that goes like says it really rough. Big max goes really soft and is not fast and you will like him because he says oh no like how I say it like how I do and how I say it was like really worried.😢 woo wee I’m done. 😓😅😓😅😓😪😥😪😥😰😢😂😅

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