My art picture

This is my art picture that I did in school. It is a windmill. You can see the sky and grass are really diffrent from the rest because I used a watercolor pencil to do the trick. The way the watercolor pencil works is when you use a colored pencil, a brush, and some water. I know you might say, “What do you do with these materials?” Well you use a colored pencil and color something with it. I did green for my grass and blue for my sky.When you are done coloring  then you get the brush and dip it in water. Then you spread it on  the color from the colored pencil and let it dry. After a while it should be dry and presto you have a beutiful drawing. I did the rest by crayon and it turned out pretty good.My art teacher, Ms. Gamache, taught us how to draw the windmill and everyone got excited and happy when she told us that we were going to use watercolor pencils because this was our first time using them.
This is my second favorite art picture that I drew and I just can’t wait to draw this again. I feel so excited that we did this windmill because it will remind me when we made it when I am in 3rd grade. Almost everyone thought  that this was the best art project ever. My most favorite art project is  the owl one where we drew an owl and painted it with secondary colors and decorated it wih designs. I think that this art project is neat because you get to do something cool with art things. I just love love love the new art creation that I learned when we were making the windmill. 

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