My 4th of July party

Last Sunday we went to my dads boses house for a 4th of July party. There were bouncy houses and a lot of food. I met three new friends named Lauren, Emery and her brother. I call Emery Em for short because sometimes I forget her name. We made a Mango pudding for dessert while others made other desserts. I was a hot when we were outside. I always feel like I’m going to faint when its hot outside. I have never ever gone ro a July 4th party and I loved it a lot. My favorite part of the day was when we got to see the fireworks. These were the most prettiest fireworks ever. I loved the grand finale because everything was like boom boom boom and there were tons or fireworks. The very next day was 4th of July so we went to see a parade. In the parade was all the advertisements and schools of Trophy Club.They were giving out candy, plastic footballs, water bottles, and even cups to hold your candy. My friend Advita was also there so we got to get candy together. Me and Advita go to the same school and the principal was in the parade. This was the best July forth party and parade ever. I can’t wait untill next years. I felt happy and excited for the parade and I just loved it.  

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