My 4th grade test.

Today is  Thursday June 8, 2017. Yesterday, June 7, I had a 4th grade S.T.A.A.R test. You might be asking, why take a STAAR test in the summer when you already took one in the school year. Here is my answer. : When there was only a few days left in the school. I was going to take a 4th grade STAAR in the summer. Why? This is because I was told that my brain was made for math. I didn’t need much help in 3rd grade for math like others did. So with that said, I started studying. I gave the rest of the school year AND some of my summer just for this test. I worked at least 400 hours to take a 72 question test in 3 hours.All that studying really payed off! If I pass this test then, I get to skip all 4th grade math and do 5th grade math instead. If this happens then I will do middle school math in fith grade and high school math in middle school. After that, I do colledge math in high school. If I don’t, then none of this will happen. There are 8 3rd grade classes. There are 22 students in each class. That means, out of 176 kids in 3rd gade, only 7 get to take the test. There is a possibility that I might pass and the others won’t. When that happens, I might be the only student who does 5th grade math. Again, there may not. I hope I pass. My parents said as a promise scince i worked really hard, they will take me for a suprise somewhere! With my cousin because, he will be staying over. Whatever it is, I can’t wait. I hope I pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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