My 2017 summer

This summer is going to be the best summer ever! Why because, I had my cousin came over to visit America. He has never visited America before. He and his family came Saturday late night which was a very bad time to come. Of course, they were late because their flight was delayed twice. The next morning, we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards. My cousin had a blast there. When we visited the Longhorns, he thought they were going to attack him when he got on their backs. When we got home, we were stinking with sweat all over our bodies. When it was night time, we all needed to scrub ourselves with extra soap because we were really stinky. The next morning, we went shopping in the Southlake town square. Kartik, my cousin, was complaining that he didn’t want to go shopping. After we were done, he was happy and had a big smile on his face all the way to the car. That evening, we barbequed marinated chicken, boiled potatoes, and corn. I loved dinner. I love barbeque a lot but, this time was different. We had a family to share it with. The next day was today. Since my parents had to go to work today, I got to stay home with my cousin. First we played pool,  then Minecraft, and now are watching The Lego Movie. The best part about my cousin coming over was when they got my doll new clothes. They are really cute and cool clothes. I really wish I have clothes just like my doll’s. Tomorrow, my cousin is leaving to go to New York. They are coming back next week so, it will only be me and my parents in the house instead of, my relatives and us in the house. When they come back, my parents will take me to a surprise somewhere with them because of my  4th grade STAAR test that I took. This test was a big thing for me so, that is why they are taking us somwhere special. Later, we will start traveling all of America!! My cousin will be sooo excited to see America because, he will know all about America!!! I really hope my sumer is the best summer ever!!!!

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