Dr. Rohini Khapre

You’ve probably already guessed, but my first inspiration is my mother. Now, you may say that’s really basic, anyone could put their mother as their inspiration. But for me, she’s been far more impactful in my life than I could ever imagine.

The biggest impact she’s had is through her passion. My mother has her doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology- emphasize molecular- and had been working towards it while she was pregnant with me. Even after I was born, she worked around the clock for hours to attend classes and work in the lab. I even remember when she was preparing for her final defense with us, going through her presentation. (I don’t remember anything about the presentation-except that it was on circadian clocks-but I do remember sitting with her to prepare for it) I remember the day she gave it, and even the day when we watched her get her doctorate after years of hard work. Her work was constantly around me, and I grew up learning about advanced biology when I didn’t even know what 1+1 was. It was because I was constantly surrounded by it, that I slowly became influenced by her. At that time, it was mostly just wanting to do what my mom did. After all, she was the coolest person I knew at that time. I remember telling my daycare teachers I wanted to be a scientist for a career project, and writing about my mom and her in the lab. Even if it’s been more than 10 years since then, I still want to become a scientist. I still want to work in the scientific- more specifically biomedical- field more than ever. I have a better understanding of biology, even if it’s just the basics, but I still find myself as intrigued as I was back then. Thanks to her, I’ve had science as a constant part of my life, and have grown to take an interest and pursue a career in the field. I aspire to accomplish what she did and go further.

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