Middle School

I´m now in MIddle School. This is my very first year and, it´s prety awesome. I thought switching schools from elementary to middle would be terrifying but it´s actually not. I´ve got two brand new best friends from last year who help me everyday and a brain ready to learn. I´m in two on level classes, and everything else is GT or PAP or advanced, even Orchestra. MMost of my grades are A+ and A- but I´m hoping I can work on an A+.

My first period is ELA- GT. I have Mrs. Gallagher and I sit at a table with my best friend Celine.  In ELa we do vocab quizzez and class novels or class readings/ books and projects. Just last week we did something called a Socrates Seminar, which is a bit like a book club. Each person gets 3 turns to speak, and when you speak you have these questions about the book you read and what your answer was. This includes Text Evidence and Inferences.
2nd period, I have P.E. In P.E. we usually play games after we stretch, and are seperated from boys or girls, depending on which you are. If we go outside we play soccer or walk the track or capture the flag. Indoors, we play basketball, capture the flag, dodgeball and more. The coaches decide what games to play and organize our teams, but if there are two options, like, volleyball or kickball, you can choose.
3rd Period, is Science, for me. I take on level science, in Mrs. McCown’s class, and am currently learning about Chemistry, the science of matter. We took a quiz on metals, metalloids, and non-metals, and I got a 100!!!!!! Each category has their own physical property, such as metal has luster while non-metals are dull and brittle. We take big tests over the whole unit so we can fully understand it, but at the beginning we take quizzizes which are usually open note.
After 3rd period we have lunch which is 30 minutes long, and then we go onward to 4th Period.
My 2nd on level class is geography, or world cultures. In World cultures we study the different parts of the world like Mexico and CAnada. We do overviews on these countries and take notes on them. You need to make sure your notes are filled and neat because we take an open note quiz overlooking each country, and have notebook checks. I’ve gotten every quiz right and every notebook check a 100 yet I still panic even if I have all my notes filled or when filling out the overviews.
5th period, I take Leadworthy. In Leadworthy we do activities that are, leader worthy. We learn about how to be good leaders and first impressions and how to react to things. We also do projects for the school. Just recently we finished making chains for a decorative project. I believe Leadworthy is my 2nd favorite class, after Orchesrtra because, our teacher, Coach Stuber is really nice and my two friends are in the class with me.
6th period, art. I signed up for art class becasue I thought we were going to learn how to make projects or learn styles of art and how to use them, when all we do is do a project and turn it in for a grade. Ms Dunphy is nice, but I’m not sure she’s teaching us anything about art except for what our next project is and what you’ll need for it,a dn wher to sit.
I have Orchestra 7th Period and, I’ve said before, it is my most favorite class. Me, Celine, and Zach Cuppet, also in our 1st period and 6th grade, are the only 6th graders who are not in Beginner Orchestra. I’m in Concert Orchestra and my teacher is Ms. Kaminski. AT the beginning of the school year I was 2nd violin, 3rd row but now I’ve upgraded to 1st violin, 1st row. We just finished our Fall concert adn are practicing for our winter Extravaganza. Concert is playing ‘The Driedel’ and ‘Strings on the Housetop’, and I think all the orchestras will be plaing a piece together.
8th Period- Math. Now, for other 6th graders, they might question why I only have one block of math and they have two. I take Advanced PAP GT Algebra, which is 7th grade GT PAP math. Their math is only 1 block long so I get only one block of math, and the ability to have 3 electives, 1 extra. MAth is very complex and even now, I feel a bit stressed when working. We finished our latest project, which covered our Unit 6 and I am awaiting my grade. WE take summatives over each unit and I have gotten a 100 on each test except twice. 4th and 6th units. I’ve only missed one question, yet I really broke my streak. My teacher is Ms. Wright a she is what I’ve always wanted of a teacher. One who teaches well without strictness but is fun and jokes around. She is my favorite teacher, andI hope many kids in my grade will experience her next year like I am this year.
I really enjoy middle school and despite having homework every night, I already did when I was in pre-school, I find it exciting and thriling to come back to every day. Currently it is Thanksgiving break and I finally have never been so relieved to not have school and relax, though I have tp do 20 pages of Kumon for both math and reading.

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