Mexico Trip- 2019

On Friday, March 8th, we headed out to Cancun, Mexico. The 2-3 hour flight was on American Airlines and was an amazing trip. Tip to y’all, don’t wear long sleeves under a thick jacket, it gets hot and sweaty once you reach places like Mexico, and Hawaii, and places with similar weather. The Fiesta Americana Condesa, All inclusive, is an amazing hotel. The entrance is a cone looking bungalow, with three-tiered gapes, and giant triangular openings at the top, and is an outdoor hotel. They have beautiful plants and vegetation all around and in the hotel, and had a waterfall displayed across the granite in the entrance area. Once you walk inside you will see couches and chairs and tables everywhere on the open ground, and pathways or entrances to restaurants, the buffet, the bar, and the outdoors. To start with the ground floor, I have to say amazing.

The restaurants all have very nice, traditional Mexican food, American food, and many more different cultural ones. To start with the buffet, it is open every single minute. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert with many scrumptious, and amazing different choices. For example, for breakfast, they have the best food there. The most delicious pancakes and waffles you will ever have. They taste so sweet, and sugary, and fluffy, and buttery, that you will love them so much you will never want to leave. They have tropical fruits, and you can get your own blended smoothie or you can try their versioned orange juice, green juice, pineapple juice and more. Ongoing omelet stations, tasty sweets, sausages, bacon, eggs, fried beans, potatoes, hashbrowns, french toast, waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, anything I’m definitely sure you will love.
For lunch and dinner, they spread out the food into themes. Once they did a sea theme and carved fish and seahorses out of bread. MIND BLOWING!!!!! They display soups, build your own salads stations, potatoes, veggies, meat, meals combining them all. They only plan them by theme. Let’s say Indian. They would have these veggies fried in a batter which fries and becomes a crunchy coating.  We call bhajji, and they taste amazing. ( I recommend spinach or potato ones. They taste incredible.) They would also serve yellow rice with it, or anything else, to help you experience the cultural food.  Now, we get to the desserts. YUM. I have to say, I was impressed with the chefs’ cooking skills. They were amazing. For the sea themed night, they created little boats, which were mint custard, hardened on the outside and the soft, sweet custard on the inside. They were so good and minty. Other examples were cakes, and tarts and fruits. The also had these deserts which were in a glass. It would be like a fruity custard, maybe a filling, at the bottom, and then another layer, just plain vanilla at the top, and to finish they had hardened chocolate strips or a design wedged in, with fruits for taste. For a more cookie-like dessert, they had this soft cookie looking piece that was pink, caramel in the middle, and a yellow “cookie” on the bottom. Then stuck to the side was a bit of caramel and another pink “cookie” on top. It was soft and delicious and the caramel tasted like peanut butter for some reason. It was regular caramel that looked and tasted a bit like peanut butter. It was delicious. For a start, they had a tart crust that looked like a small coffee filter and was filled with chocolate, and fruits and hardened chocolate were laid on top. The food was so delicious and amazing that the taste would linger in your mouth for so long that you would crave for it.

The rooms were as amazing as the building. The floors were tile, and the bridges to cross from one side to another were cased in an outer white stone and had a section for plants to grow. Like a mini garden. In the rooms were two beds, a Tv, a night lamp at the top of the bed frame, a closet, mini fridge, and everything else you see in hotels. The only thing that made this different was the view from the balcony. From our balcony, you could perfectly see the pools below you, and every seat laid out on the pavement. Every palm tree, bar, hut, and person would be at your view from there. RIght behind the pool would be the beach. You could see every wave crash down on the people as they wade into the salty cold waters lapping ferociously at you every second. At night the view would be more beautiful. Just at sunset, the sky would sink down, causing it to become a flood of red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, orange, and a tint of gray. Just gazing out at the beach, you could see how beautiful and calm the ocean would look like, and how much you would just want for it to stay like that so you could gaze at it longingly for as long as you want.

The adventures we had were snorkeling and going to Chichen Itza, an Ancient Mayans ground.
When we went snorkeling we booked a jungle tour. It basically was where we followed a driver around the mangrove trees and into the reefs. The reefs were beautiful. Not exactly as you would imagine. Colorful with pink, yellow, red, orange coral everywhere. The coral was just plain gray and rocky. Still, the way the anemones moved, and the rocks looked, it was an amazing experience.

Chichen Itza. I have to say, it was the most fascinating history lecture I’ve ever had.
Fun fact: in a popular game they played, similar to basketball, the winners would be sacrificed to the gods to play with them. Their thinking: You’re the best so you get the chance to play with the gods. My most favorite thing was the architecture. I found all that fascinating. The way the stone was stacked, what the purpose was for, the designs. One of the temples, it was like a square pyramid, I actually not what it seems. It looks big and tall on the outside, but inside, its actually a shelter for the second, smaller, actual temple inside. Cool, right! Another thing is that the Mayans believed in a bird that would be evil. The way the structure was built, was that every time you ran up the steps and you clapped your hands, there would be a sound like a bird calling or crowing out to you. Even standing on the ground at the very bottom, and you clap, you could hear the sound of the bird as loud as the clap.

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