Live Election Blog- ( 4:13 pm) – Exit poll results

 We’re just minutes away from knowing the EXIT POLL results, and just an hour away before the first POLLS close, and we know the First POLL results. An important state to look to and pay attention to is Georgia, and normally red state, and to see whether it will be a blue state this year. 

Exit poll Results:

Voters were asked what is most important to their vote.

34% said it was the Economy, 21% said racial inequality, 18% said Coronavirus, 11% said Crime and Safety, and 11% said Health care policy. 

They were also asked, which is more important to do now, contain COVID, or rebuild the economy. 52% said contain Coronavirus, and 42% said to rebuild the economy. 

The U.S. efforts to contain the virus are going… 48% said WELL, and 51% said BADLY. 

Is wearing a face mask in public more of a personal choice or public health responsibility? 30% say choice nad 68% say Public health responsibility. 

This also backs up our theory of more voters voting to see how the next president would solve this issue. (the issue being COVID) I said, that more people most likely voted this year, because of the effects of the pandemic, and wanting to know what the next president will do. 


Decided on presidential vote? 4% said in the last week, and 93% said before that. 

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