Live Election Blog- 2020 ( 8:14 am)

Just a couple minutes ago, President Trump was on Fox News, once again, and was explaining which states he thinks he would be getting. He said that North Carolina and Pennsylvania were two states that he was confident he would get. He has led 7 rallies in North Carolina, as it is apparently crucial for him to win it. According to FiveThirtyEight, President Trump will have a 2% chance of winning if loses Pennsylvania. In my opinion, that may be a slight exaggeration. President Trump will most likely have a backup plan if he loses one of those two states, considering that he, lately, has campaigned and rallied in multiple states with VP Mike Pence. So, we’ll just have to find out. Maybe President Trump may not get teh two states he is majorly counting on this year, and will instead win another state, which will be the extra boost he was never looking for. we never know.

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