Live Election Blog- 2020 ( 4:46 pm) – More Exit polls

 Here are some more exit poll results. The first time, I was watching CNN, and now here are some from FoxNews. 


Which Candidate quality matters most? 32% for, is a strong leader; 24% for, has good judgment; 21% for, cares for people like me; and 19% for, can unite the country. 


Feelings about how the U.S. government is working-

5% said enthusiastic; 225 said satisfied; 38% said dissatisfied, and 35% said angry. 

I think that this whole election is based on COVID. All the exit poll results are based on what the voters feel about COVID and how they have been affected by it. Take how they feel about the government for example. Most likely, these responses and answers came from how the government has not helped certain families or communities when needed, after being hit by the pandemic. Not getting the help I need for homework or doing something important would definitely make me feel dissatisfied. Why can’t that be the same about the government and how it hasn’t helped families with SPECIFIC problems? Voters may also feel dissatisfied because, when the government was trying to help them, they overlooked the actual problems or assumed the same for everyone. Not everyone can always get what they want, but shouldn’t you at least try?

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