Live Election Blog- 2020 ( 11:50 pm) – Florida

 As expected, Florida goes to President Trump. Honestly, I’m extremely tired at the moment, but I’m trying to keep going. Expected or not, I want to know who the next President of the United States or who won the election before I go to sleep. Right now, Mr. Biden is speaking out in Delaware, about how he believes he will win Wisconsin and Michigan. I’m not that confident he will get Michigan, but perhaps he will get Wisconsin. But, I admire how he is continuing to be strong and act as if there isn’t any pressure tonight as the votes get counted. I admire that. Mr. Biden, even if you don’t win, congrats for working hard and not giving up. Despite teh many problems and obstacles that came to this election, you, and even President Trump, did very well this year. Thank you.

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