Live Election Blog- 2020 ( 10:45 pm) – Possibilities

 Once again, we are in that waiting mood. Or should I say, I? Currently, at 10:39 pm CST as I write this bit, I am awake, and surprisingly not that tired as I track the polls. So far, we have gone through the beginning such as record-breaking early voting and total voting, protests, and guests on Fox and Friends including President Trump himself, and the highlight of the day, the voting results. Even though Mr. Biden is leading with 209 electoral votes, things may not seem so bright for him in the end. Nevada, a state part of teh legendary bleu wall for Democrats, has just started and has turned red. Hopefully, it’s just the beginning, but if not, then, the blue wall has a crack. Major states that could turn this around, and give Mr. Biden teh result he hopes are Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Yes, these 4 states are shaded red, minus Arizona which is blue, but we should hope. Who knows? Maybe they will turn blue and go to Mr. Biden in the end. Also, HURRY UP FOR GOODNESS SAKE FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!! Florida is 98% in for votes counted, and they started like 2-3 hours ago. Most likely, it will head in president Trump’s direction, but if those 4 states we mentioned above come into play and give us a surprise, we’ll have a new answer. 

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