Live Election blog- 2020 ( 10:10 pm) – Different paths

 Sorry for posting a little later than I was supposed to but, there was no news so far, and I got bored. So yeah. Anyway, our predictions were slightly incorrect, but all the same, correct. I predicted New Hampshire, Washington, Oregon, and California would go to Mr. Biden, and they did, and that Missouri will go to President Trump. What I got wrong was that Idaho went to president Trump, and Montana has turned red, most likely meaning it will go to President Trump. I also think that the states that are still not confirmed- Georgia, Florida, Texas, Ohio- will definitely go to President Trump. Though also, a new change in Maine has also begun. The once, the continuing red shaded state has just turned blue. In teh end, will it go to Mr. Biden or President Trump? 

Here is the difference between my prediction map and the actual map: 

( Top is my prediction map, and the bottom is the actual map)

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