Live Election Blog- 2020 ( 10:08 am ) – 400 guests at White House

President Trump has invited about 400 people to the White House. Apparently, he has some very high expectations of who the winner is, which sometimes isn’t the best, but then again, why shouldn’t we prepare a little ahead? But then again, we shouldn’t always get ahead of ourselves. I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea that President Trump is already inviting/has invited os many people to join him in the White House to see the results of the election, but rather, that he maybe shouldn’t get too ahead of himself if he doesn’t end up getting a second term. To me, 400 people seems like a lot, unless the 400 people are all the White House staff. Then, it will make more sense and agreeable. I would suggest, maybe only 200, people. Especially with COVID going around. So many people in one place are a bit risky, but seeing that this is the White House, and where the president lives and works, it will most likely, be cleaned thoroughly. 

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