Life of12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 26

April 24, 2020:

Today is Friday, obviously and I have Marathi Shala. As you know, I don’t feel that comfortable/ like Marathi Shala. I guess I’ve never told you why.

1. I’m a middle schooler and everyone else is like close to middle school or like 3rd grade.
2. I’m in level 3. Last year when I had a different school- Marathi one- I already studied the concepts of Level 3 but I just didn’t test. ( Because I wasn’t of age. Seriously?) technically should be in level 4, but I”M NOT!
4. I’m not fluent and I am not that good. What makes me feel like an idiot at every class, is when I don’t speak and the teacher calls on me. Well yes, but I feel really embarrassed when I don’t say the right answer or there is something that makes me stand out. That is why I really do not like going there.
5. One more thing, HW. I try to do all my HW on time, and every HW there is but for SOME reason, there is always something that I forgot. That makes me feel embarrassed. Why. Schoology and WhatsApp are the two resources for finding the HW. I have Schoology and keep up to date. My mom has WhatsApp and there are some pieces there for the HW. ( Yet I still don’t get all the HW)

Ok, I really love being a Maratha person. We have a great history of bold kings and queens, large empires, and forts, and many accomplished people who made a change to the world. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of that? The only problem I have is that I’m American born. My parents are from India and learned the language and had their “Marathi Shala” there. They grew up learning and have gotten better throughout the years. Now, I just feel upset and I sort of wish I could learn Marathi or just school in India, so I could have learned Marathi more. It makes me feel really bad when my younger cousins who live there speak so much and so well and I can barely say a whole story or 3 sentences without making mistakes. But then again, I know English more. Anyway, I’m finishing the ending up after I just finished class. ( right now) I read the book, Lakshmi, today. I hope Corona is over soon, and I can speak fluently- Marathi- in the future, and hopefully very soon.

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