Life of a 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 49

So, there was one specific piece of news that has stuck out and is recent news. There is this man, George Floyd, and he um, he was murdered by a police officer who had pinned him down on the ground, with his knee to George Floyd’s neck. Even while George Floyd was saying that he couldn’t breathe, the officer continued to pin him down and actually killed him. This particular topic is going to be a long one as it includes quite a lot of information and research, so that is why I am going to talk about one part of this topic, and that is the killing. Now, what picture is on the news is one that is taken from a witness who was videoing, and usually, videos aren’t the full story or details about something. Witnesses only see what has happened then, so that could mean that the witnesses had sawn only the officer pining George Floyd down. They might have not seen what might have really happened. But, this is what happened according to the news. From The Denver Post, people have been outraged and are protesting on his death. I am not entirely sure on what George Floyd was doing that made the officers handcuff and pin him. But, I do know that the people of Minnesota, the state where George Floyd lived and was killed, have gone as far as looting, breaking into stores, raiding, riots, and even police stations and other buildings were burned or torched to the ground according to CNN, and NBC NEWS. Now, I understand why everyone is extremely upset and wants justice for this act. because, even though George Floyd was saying he can’t breathe, the officers continued pinning him down. Yes, that was very wrong, but think of this. Maybe thousands of cops are shot each year by criminals or people who are breaking the law and these innocent officers are doing their own job. Maybe Mr. Floyd was threatening to do that or not allowing arrest, and that caused the officers to calmly do their jobs that they would have done if this were to happen. But, this brings us to the point, pinning someone down on their neck, and not moving the knee or pinning object to some other place when the victim is repeatedly pleading and saying that they can’t breathe and letting them die, is NOT THE BEST ACTION AND NOT OKAY. IT IS VERY WRONG AND THE WORST WAY TO PIN SOMEONE. 

Okay, so we have finished part one of this. The next part relates to maybe the reason why Mr. Floyd was arrested. I hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday and a lovely weekend!!!!! 

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