Life of a 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown – Part 42

Hello!!! Today is May 21st, and sadly, not audition result day. It is the day before the results. I read the email wrong, so it is actually coming out on the 22nd of May, at 12:00 p.m. Sooo, yeah. Sorry about that. You know, I start writing pretty late, which I shouldn’t do. This gives me less time ad then my work comes out like it was written by an 8-year-old. No offense. So, here is my news. I really need to finish before 6:30, so I am going to write more about the Cares and Heroes act on Friday- tomorrow. I actually made a mistake when writing because I understood the acts wrong. I need to clear that up and write more on the job losses I said I would research more on that and I haven’t gotten to that yet. Hopefully, with a large amount of my time on Friday or possibly Sunday I can write so much more than what I have been writing. Also, I wanted to pin down a few photos of my plants that I have been endlessly mentioning. The photos will be down below at the end of this post. Today I just want to write about some thoughts going on. So, teenagers are usually wanting to do everything themselves, feel independent and don’t care about what their parents say. I really really hope that I don’t become like that one day. Anyway, I started realizing how much some teens really are ignorant of COVID- 19. Yesterday, when I was going to the center with Mumma, I saw three teens hanging out in the back of a truck. The car was parked, and they were so carefree, like without any masks or any social distancing. They were probably 2 feet close because the back of a truck is pretty small-large but small- and were acting like the world isn’t in a race trying to make a vaccine to cure the pandemic. I mean, they were so careless. Just hanging out together, and so carefree Like they were thinking the virus is just a hoax, and they were invincible. probably not but just a thought. Like before, when a group of young adults went out to a party and thinking they were invincible and the virus couldn’t touch them. Well, they all ended up getting infected. More people just get infected by these small things.  It’s incredibly important to stay away and wash your hands often, wear a mask in public, and wear gloves if you are going out and are going to touch things. When washing your hands, follow these instructions:

1. Wash hands with soap and water
2. Wash your hands for 20 seconds, try singing Happy Birthday or the alphabet
3. Wash your hands thoroughly, meaning, between fingers, behind hands, nails, scrub well
4. Rinse your hands with warm water and make sure all the soap is gone
5. Dry your hands with a towel, preferably a cloth one to reuse
6. Do this after using the bathroom, coming in touch with any bacteria- mold, fungi- after eating, after coming home from stores or other places, after touching any insect or any soil- you never know- 
7. If there isn’t a bathroom nearby, use hand sanitizer and make sure your hands are “cleaned” before continuing with your work
Hopefully, doing this can help reduce the number of cases and have fewer infections. I hope everyone stays safe, healthy, and strong during these times. I hope everyone has an excellent evening. 
Strawberry Plant
Okra and Cucumber are growing, the watermelon is still waiting
Bell Peppers and beans
More peppers and one more plant- I forgot the name
Pineapple to the left, and the two avocado seeds on the right

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