Life of a 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 41

Soooo, remember what I wrote yesterday as my ending- the question? Well, it seems like I have my own answer, and I did not realize that the articles were like dirty politics. I had no idea, I am truly sorry. President Trump actually made a Cares act during this time to help the small business owners, preserves jobs for American industries and provides fast and direct economic assistance for American workers. The Cares Act is a $2 Trillion package. ( The further info is used from here) It lays out economic aid payments to U.S. citizens. According to this article. However, this act did not include provisions or made few provisions for immigrants and their families. Wait, why??  Is that because they are not citizens? But they still should get the same. What if they were an employee at a small business and were trying to support their family, and had a young child? One question. Does this act go to the small business employees as well, or just the owners? My next research question. Anyway, there is also a Heroes act. This act is a $3 trillion package meant to attack the coronavirus and the economic effects in the U.S. To be very honest and very clear, I have very little knowledge and facts on this act, as well as many. This one is the most recent and is one of the things that are trying to help us during the pandemic, so I should know at least 2x as much as I know right now about this. By the way, as a side note, it is 6:39 P.M. so I really need to work faster. I admit I am not the best typer in the world for a middle-schooler. I may have to cut some thoughts and stuff short, making this sound pretty mediocre and half-written so, apologies for that. I’m going to continue on this tomorrow when I have actually a better planned out schedule.

Ok, so today I have a new addition to my overly excited garden. An Avacado plant. Technically, an Avacado seed hanging in the water and supported by three toothpicks. My cucumber and okra plants have started sprouting. Yaaay!!!!!!!! My strawberry will take some time though, as well as my watermelon. No sign of growing from my bell peppers and beans, or the mangoes, though that will takes years. Next, we picked up my stuff from school. Sooo much stuff!!! It is still in Mumma’s car, just in case, and we will open the bag tomorrow. Hopefully, all my stuff is there, including my awards and stuff. I am so excited!! MS Orchestra Audition results come out tomorrow!!!!! Tomorrow, I’ll know if I got into Chamber or not. I mean, it’s fine if I’m not. I’ll just know that I needed to work on a few things and that will get me well prepared and better for the next audition. What else??????????????? Oh, dad sent this blog site to me. It’s his friend’s daughter’s site, and it’s pretty cool. Her site is well structured, and her thoughts are more simple yet strong and persuasive. I think you should read the posts. Here’s the link. I enjoyed reading her posts and how much care and determination she has to make sure people stay safe and healthy during COVID-19! 

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