Life of a 11 year old – Coronavirus- Part 2

Coronavirus log day 2-

March 24, 2020:

Numbers aren’t improving unless you count getting bigger. 52,983 cases in the US, 685 deaths and only 370 people have recovered. The numbers show New York with at least 4,790 new cases and at least 53 new deaths. This morning there were no new numbers or deaths for they weren’t been updated yet. Texas has a total of 826 as of what is updated. I shift to the world cases, unable to bear more, and I see this: 18,605 worldwide deaths and 108,312 people recovered. Wow. I actually don’t know how to do math right now due to that shock but I am assuming the recovery is better. So either HUZZAH or sadness and fear. There are 126,917 active cases and 96% of those infected have a mild condition and the other four percent are in a serious or critical condition. I scroll down to see the countries affected and am shocked that Vatican City only has 4 total cases. I know Vatican City is its own country but it is still in Italy, and it’s pretty strange that they only have 4 cases, both bad and ok, while Italy is the 2nd country in the world with the most cases. I still wonder how long it will be until I can go back to school. I start online lessons next Monday, but no interaction. I’ll miss walking in the halls from class to class.

This morning I walked with my dad outside around our neighborhood. It was unusually still for a Tuesday. I usually see cars lined up in rows, eagerly waiting for a signal to turn green or for the driver ahead to push their gear/ pedal. Stillness. Quiet, calm, humid and damp. Me and y dad talked. TAlked about World Cultures, talked about ways to keep me engaged, be active. I got distracted as my mind wandered off to wonder about my surroundings. I also noticed there were more birds than I normally see. A few days ago I saw a Red Cardinal. I only remember them from Ohio. My daycare. A room- Pre-K 2. The top of the walls, a few inches from the ceiling, a white, long, laminated sheet. I’m not sure if it was a letter chart, but I do remember birds. Singular. A bird. A Red Cardinal. That bird brought back the small sickening feeling of sorrow and the feeling of satisfaction. On our walk, I saw another bird. I’m not sure whether it was a duck or a goose, probably not a goose, so I named it the duck-goose. Being cooped at home for the rest of the day is a bit exhausting. AT least I can travel up the stairs and back to stretch my legs. Right now I hear a lawnmower in the background and I am just thinking, ” Seriously DUDE??? There is a virus in our town and you’re MOWING the LAWN??!?!?!!!?!?” There was a news article this morning saying, 6 reasons why people are ignoring the stay at home alerts, though I got interrupted before I could read it.

Just before I finish I wanted to check the data really quick. 1 person has died in the last few minutes I had been writing this. Whoever that person was, I am truly sorry that you had to die, and everyone else. No one should be expendable, and it wasn’t right that you should die. Mother Nature has come to balance us, but why this way? 1,000 new people have the coronavirus now, and things have gotten much worse. The only thing we can do is hope, stay cautious, quarantine, pray, and read the news and follow what President Trump has to say. In times of crisis, we need to do as much as we can, and right now, we have to listen to the news.

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