Life of 12 yerar old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 38

My 38th part. Nice. Only one more week of school left, and this is the last week of actual HW, next week I only have to fill out a form. It is already 5:10 p.m. so I really need to get going. You know, when I read my blogs, I sound lonely. Do I sound lonely? Well, yes I am but that’s just sad. I sound lonely. It’s like I have no friends. That is lonely. I really wish I had a sibling every once in a while. Though I wouldn’t get all the love, and I would have to split have of my “domain” (lol) with him/her. Then again, I would have someone to teach, play with, annoy, and talk to than my parents, and know what the feeling is like. Both my parents have an older sister and a younger brother. I love hearing the stories of them and my aunts and uncles as kids. I wish I could do that. Though, being an only child means, I get all the love to myself, everything to myself, and maybe just everything to myself. Meh, I like being the only child. So recently I finished my new Marathi practice test, Mumma made pasta with spinach and a spicier white sauce, I finished my Art HW and filled out my PE HW form, finished my Kumon, and now I’m here, writing you. My blog!! Yaay. Wow, this sounds really cheesy. I can tell how mediocre it is. I’ll post a picture of Tin Man, his full name is Tin Foil-Shaped Man. I’m pretty tired, as usual. The weekdays are incredibly tiring. I found some really cool movies yesterday on Netflix so I’m excited to watch those. I got to watch a small part of them, then I had to sleep. Usually, when I watch things, I skip ahead. Like, I just press skip if I find something boring or they break into a song, I don’t like songs in movies. My Latin language journey got further ahead today. I think I should finish the Japanese first then start Latin. I tried practicing some Japanese, and it was not good. Latin was taking over. Is Latin the old language for English? For all languages? I’m not sure. A few words in Latin are the same translations for words in Marathi.  Ex:  Tu in Latin means you. Tu in Marathi also means you. Ther’s also some words which I think sound like Spanish. I’ll have to research that. Something new I have learned today is about how awesome India is. lots of space agencies have been trying to land rovers onto the dark side of the moon, and India has actually tried to, but actually crash-landed. The rover cannot get up at all. What’s great is that we actually landed a rover. A broken one, but still! What’s even better is that once we send another rover, it will have supplies to fix the old one, so we can have 2 rovers!!!!!!!!!!! moving on. It is currently 5:31 already, so I guess that’s my warning to stop and move on. This is week 10, Wednesday, May 13th, 2020. This and 37 other parts were actually written during the pandemic known as Coronavirus, COVID-19. School is almost over, and hopefully, Corona will be over in 2021, or sooner.

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