Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 63

Hello! Today is a great day, though there are so many things bad happening around that I don’t know whether I should be happy it is. Would it affect the bad things, or have it stay the same. But then again, a bad thing must happen for a good, and a good thing must happen for a bad. ( Sorta) Does that mean that because the Coronavirus is a bad thing, there will be something good alongside it? After it?? Questions. So many of them. Sometimes I think that there aren’t enough answers in the world to answer them. What do you think, readers? How is your day going so far? To be honest, I do think that today isn’t the best one. It became an extremely strange day, for me. Does it happen to you like that? Where it starts off as a good day, but then progresses into a bad one until it becomes a good one, in the end, just a little bit? Ack, I’m not writing about anything interesting! Sorry!

A lot of the deaths- the death rate- from COVID- 19 has been reducing, which is such a relief. At least, I think it’s the whole world, or maybe just the U.S. The only bad part is that the number of cases hasn’t been reducing. At this time, you can’t help but feel terrified. At my doctor’s appointment, I have to say I was a bit nervous when they took my temperature. Because, well, I wonder what would happen if I had Corona. It would be the worst thing ever. I was so nervous to know if I had a fever or not. And I guess a lot of people are like that as well. Though, it doesn’t show. Right now, it’s been chaos, this year. Despite the fact that a pandemic is going on, protestors have been everywhere, causing mayhem or not. I think that cases have still been going on because of this. People want these to go on, the protests until there is equality. But, can it wait. Can we wait for the pandemic to be over first? You don’t know who is infected or not, and it becomes even riskier when there are thousands of hundreds of people on the streets, closely knit together and touching.  Ack, I’m getting too deep again!
I think that’s it, for now. I hope that the virus is over faster and that the deaths stop along with the cases. I also hope that something happens about these protests. I don’t know what, whether it is giving equality, or something else, but something. Bye

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