Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 60

Hello!! So, quick news, currently, at 2:30 p.m. I will be going on a short bike ride with my friend and, by the time I finish this blog, I would have already done so. Now, we go to the same school and were in the same P.E. class this year- 6th-grade year- but we never really talked much. you know, I started having new friends, she started having new fri3nds. But, we still talk. I’m really excited and a bit nervous at the same time. Before all this, I washed dad’s car and motorcycle, and I love to clean. Not clean, clean, but just make things cleaner than dirtier. I don’t like seeing grime or dirt without the feeling of washing it all away with some soap and water. We polished the metal and softened the leather- which I did for the first time- on dad’s motorcycle, and you can tell the difference really well. You can’t tell if something was dull until after you polish it up. I also washed dad’s tires which were so dirty, that I had so much satisfaction in cleaning them. I don’t know. I’m just strange that way! Eight more minutes till my alarm for 2:00 goes off. I wanted to write this really quickly so that when I come back, I have less HW, less than I usually do on Sundays, and so that I can relax faster. 

Updated news, another black man was killed, as it included protestors torching down a Wendys- the restaurant- and a shooting. How many times??!!!!!!! One death after another, and all 3 are black deaths!!!! The police know that there are protests for the death of George Floyd, and what they are doing, with these 2 new ones, are probably just sparking more reason to protest!
Also, I wanted to tell you readers this. So, I like to watch the Great Big story, which is a youtube channel that explains things like the most poisonous garden on earth, how the 1,000-year-old eggs are made, who invented Chinese take out boxes, etc. A more recent video was showing a small clip from every protest in the US. You could see, massive crowds, lining the streets, speakers shouting and protestors screaming and yelling for Black Lives Matter and justice. People kneeling for losses, holding signs.
Anyway, once again, this is another really random and sometimes mediocre post that I write when I am tired or have no clue to write about. I hope everyone is well, and I wish that Corona is over soon. Bye!!

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