Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 57

So, as we all know, George Floyd was pinned down to the ground with an officer’s knee on his neck. Mr. Floyd died, and there have been many, many protests that are both peaceful and violent about the action. Today, in the news, this is the article that first caught my eye…

Javier Ambler was killed in a police chase for not dimming the headlights of his car for oncoming traffic. According to the Dallas Morning News, Mr. Ambler was coming home from a friendly poker game- and according to the police, he failed to dim the headlights of his car- and the police held him down to the ground. Mr. Ambler was tasered 4 times while “…a crew from A&E’s Reality show LivePD filmed…”. Mr. Ambler was pleading for mercy and telling the deputies that he had congestive heart failure and couldn’t breathe. He cried,” Save me,” but the deputies didn’t listen, and deployed the final shot. Mr. Ambler was saying this with respect, and he was pleading, and telling them that he had congestive heart failure, but no one helped him. This is UNBELIEVABLE. Just a while ago, George Floyd was pinned down by an officer’s knee to his neck, and despite the fact that Mr. Floyd was saying that he couldn’t breathe, the officer continued to pin him down on the neck!!!!! Now, the same thing happens!!!!! And what’s worse- pardon me for saying this, I really didn’t know the right way to say it- is that Mr. Ambler was also a black man. ( I’m not sure if that is wrong to call him that. I’m really really sorry if it was) These deputies just made this worse.
All these protests have started because of what happened in Minneapolis, now it has happened in Austin Texas. Now, what’s going to happen?? I’m not saying this so there aren’t more protests, but because the police have yet again, failed to help a person who was held/pinned down despite the fact that they are begging for mercy and saying that they cannot breathe!!!!! Why were the crew not helping??? Is it because they didn’t want to get involved?? But at least they could try!!!! They could have asked the officer politely and quickly to help Mr. Ambler!!!!!!! Mr. Ambler had congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure is when your heart cannot pump blood as well as it should. Mr. Ambler had a medical illness!!!!!! And why, may I ask, were the officers Tasering Mr. Ambler???? Hmmm???? WHY? Sometimes the news doesn’t give all the details, but I think that there probably was not a reason taser Mr. Ambler. 
I am so frustrated and upset and ashamed of the crew and police right now!!!! Neither one- the officers nor the crew- decided to help Mr. Mabler who had a medical condition which is life-threatening, after he is crying for mercy and asking the officers to please help him after saying that he cannot breathe!!!!!!!!!!! Why is our community like this???? Why have the officers done this???? Not once, but twice! Twice have they pinned a person- a black person- down and continued to even after the two have been pleading and saying that they cannot breathe!!!!! Why????? 
I’m sorry. I just, I can’t continue right now. I’m just extremely upset at the police right now and unhappy with the recent loss. Um, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Bye. 

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