Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 56

Umm… So, I guess I have to say this, but, I’ve been waiting for a topic to come in my head for quite a while now. Maybe what I can do is catch up on a few things that I needed to write about. I had some gardening tips and ideas that I wanted to share.

When planting seeds from home, make sure that you dry them in the sun first. Anything like beans, cucumber seeds, strawberry seeds, etc. They should be dried out. Ones like avocado seeds shouldn’t. Mango seeds should also be dried. Plant them in soil- potting soil, and preferably, start the seeds out in pots or small reusable containers until they have germinated or at least sprouted.
As you can see, I have re-used a mango container to plant my seeds in. My plants have still not shown me any sign of life yet. 
 Make sure you keep them in visible sunlight, but not in direct sunlight, and water them at least once a day. Once they have roots and sprouts, plant them. Preferably, in a plant bed. It should have soil, mulch, and cleared of grass. Grassroots grow very long and can be difficult to pull out if they are left alone for a while, so it’s best to pull them out immediately. Once out of pots, you should water the plants at least 2x!!!!! For fruits and veggies that are incredibly juicy, you should give them A LOT OF WATER. 
If they are vine plants, make sure they have a pole to grow with. 
Left to Right:
2 Watermelon plants, 2 okra plants, 2 cucumber plants
Plants like avocados and pineapple should be put in water. 
For avocados, poke three toothpicks into the seed, spaced out. One side should be “empty” Place the seed in a container with water. Make sure the seed is touching the water- so they can actually grow. Make sure you refill the water and change it every 2-3 days. The seed should crack, and you can start to see a small root growing inside. Once it is big, plant the seed. ( I don’t know the rest at the moment, I’ll check back later)
For pineapple, cut off the top part- the leafy part, and peel the few leaves at the bottom off. Place the top in a container filled with water. Change the water every 2-3 days as it gets dirty quickly. Roots will start to sprout and one they are very long, plant them carefully in the ground or in a pot. Water regularly and have your own pineapple plant at home. 
As you can see, my pineapple’s roots are still growing and are not yet ready to be planted.
My seeds from home are a bit slow, so if you want fast-growing plants, I would say, maybe buy the seeds from Walmart or home depot. That’s what I did with my okra, watermelon, and cucumber plants, and they have been growing first and fast!!!! When watering plants that are not potted and require a lot of water, I would say, when using a hose, hover over the plants for a few seconds- maybe 10-15- with the shower setting on. Nothing fierce, but light. The mist setting is also handy for light spraying. 
Anyway, I guess that is what I do when I am gardening my plants. I hope everyone grows a beautiful garden and has lots of plants at home!!!!!!!!!!!

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