Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 53

Hello!!!! After such a well-written blog written yesterday- according to dad- I have to admit, I’m stumped about what to write today. Let’s start off with a brief update on my day and some recent events. So, I had my yearly checkup this morning- I am doing good, I got my HPV2 vaccine which stings a bit, there is going to be another exam I have to take for Marathi shala- for BMM so they know that we know our material. Speaking of exams, the one I was so stressed about came through and I got 81 points. Not exactly good, but phenomenal when you think about how much I know. I am so happy that it has all paid off, and, I will have to do it all over again in October. So, there is one Marathi shala at 6 p.m. today, to go over the material. 

I have just finished all my HW, and now I need to finish this off, water my plants again, and get ready for Marathi Shala. Plus, I’m hoping to play a bit of Minecraft. Just recently I’ve started building a mansion. It looks more futuristic, but it still looks cool. I wanted to create this cool automatic door with Redstone, but I am very bad at it so I just gave up after the millionth attempt. Though I have a good mail idea, and I can create a nice garden house with automatic doors if I remember my idea long enough. That’s the thing, I get these ideas between my schedule and keeping them in my mind is a bit of a challenge. Oh gosh, it’s 5:08 so I should go. This was an awfully short and not very good blog. Hopefully, on Sunday, it will be better and back on track of our plans. Bye!!!!!!!!!!

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