Life of 12 year old – Coronavirus lockdown- Part 52

Hello, today is about something related to the death of George Floyd. So, there was a protest- a peaceful protest- in Trophy Club. This was led by some Byron Nelson HS kids. Before doing this protest, they had informed the police about this. So, let me explain the difference between a peaceful and regular protest.

A peaceful protest is, well, peaceful. Yes, there will be yelling but, there will not be any hitting, riots, looting, vandalism, or torching like what is happening in the U.S. A regular protest, is one that is yelling, hitting, looting, rioting, vandalizing, torching, etc. The peaceful protest stays within the limits of their First Amendment- freedom of speech. ( I think that is the First Amendment) This protest was pretty moving. There were police, to keep an eye on things, but for the time I was there, it was a wonderful and simple protest. They were all taking a knee for the loss, and then – who I assume was the speaker the whole time- gave a short statement about how we should teach the children and kids about this- about what is right and wrong and re-teach the elders who cannot accept this. It was short, simple, clear, and very persuasive. 
Though, let me clarify one thing, I believe, that ALL LIVES MATTER. This includes ALL. Every life, black, white brown, etc. they all matter. Every single life matters. 
Members of Trophy Club kneeling.
There are about, 9,000 people in my neighborhood, and sadly, roughly only a couple hundred showed up. That means, that almost 9,000 people don’t believe that black lives matter.  Now, there could be many reasons why they didn’t show up. It was too hot out, I have an injury, I didn’t want to be near people because of COVID-19, etc. But still, did you show up??? No…. 
Actually, I wanted to point another thing out that isn’t exactly related to this. A lot of people, possibly more than half of the protesters were not wearing a mask. Not just adults, but some parents as well, they didn’t wear masks nor did their children. I actually saw, in the back, a few little girls- maybe 5 or 6, who were playing together. No mask, or social distancing, just playing as if there was no pandemic going around. First of all, was their parents watching them. Hopefully. Secondly, why weren’t they wearing masks? Actually, why weren’t more people wearing masks?? Even the speaker who gave a statement the end, why wasn’t she wearing a mask? Couldn’t they write to wear masks? Just asking, but why were people doing this one thing in such a nice way- peacefully- but not wearing masks amid the first problem that has occurred across the world???
Anyway, it is late and this has been such a nice protest that I watched. These students who started this should be very proud. It was a very peaceful protest and well thought out. The police were informed, there was water, it was violent-free, and more!!!! I am impressed with the protest. And probably because it was the very first one I have ever seen. Anyway, stay safe, healthy, and strong everyone!!

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